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What We Offer

The Gabriel Dumont Institute offers a variety of university based, skills training, and basic education programs. All programs are offered in partnership with other educational institutions, and incorporate a Métis cultural component.

Basic Education and Essential Skills

Dumont Technical Institute offers Adult Basic Education and Essential Skills for the Workplace programming across Saskatchewan.

Adult Basic Education can help you learn skills in a specific area, gain prerequisites for further education and employment, or enhance your self-sufficiency.

Essential Skills for the Workplace program (ESWP) will help you gain skills needed to enter and succeed in the workplace. This program includes literacy and workplace essentials along with a work placement at the end of the program.

Skills Training

Learn where you live with Dumont Technical Institute’s skills training programs. Diploma, certificate, and industry credit training opportunity based on labour market demand and community need.

University Based

Expand your horizons with undergraduate and post-graduate studies offered through the Gabriel Dumont Institute and Gabriel Dumont College.

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What some of our students have said

No one wanted to take a chance on me. I knew I needed a little education under my belt to add to my resume. GDI helped me get out of a job, and into a career.

GDI allowed me to begin educating myself for a career in health care, gave me financial stability, and allowed me to begin my new career without the debt of student loans.

Without getting the knowledge I have currently, I can honestly say that I would not be in the position I am in today. Every single class I took at DTI helped me in some way or another.

Gabriel Dumont Institue

GDI is a Saskatchewan-based educational, employment and cultural institute serving Métis across the province

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