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Gabriel Dumont Institute Celebrates 40th Anniversary

The Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI), a Métis-owned post-secondary and cultural institution, first opened its doors in Saskatoon in 1980. Today,…

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Gabriel Dumont student believes in standing out and leading with your passions

Kate Boyer is a first-year College of Arts and Science student in the Gabriel Dumont College program. She is known…

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Decolonizing Teacher Education…One Kitchen Table at a Time

In traditional Michif pedagogy (ways of teaching), the classroom was the kitchen, the Old Ones were the teachers and the…

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Learning from The Land: Why Indigenous Land-Based Pedagogy Matters

Indigenous people across Canada are familiar with colonization and its lingering impact on our social and economic well-being. As Matthew…

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Gabriel Dumont Institue

GDI is a Saskatchewan-based educational, employment and cultural institute serving Métis across the province

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