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2021-2022 Order of Gabriel Dumont Nominations Open

By Michelle McNally

Sep 8, 2021

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The Order of Gabriel Dumont is awarded annually to a small number of persons who have served the Métis of Canada with distinction. Investment into the Order is one of the Métis Nation’s highest civilian honors.

The 2021-2022 Order of Gabriel Dumont nominations for gold and silver medals are now open until October 31, 2021.

The gold medal is awarded based on a lifetime of achievements and services. Past winners have provided the Métis with a lifetime of outstanding service in areas such as education, politics, health care, community development, and culture.  Many made lasting contributions affecting future generations of Métis, including decisions instrumental in securing our legal rights, while others made a difference on the community front.

The silver medal honours those who have made significant contributions to the Métis. The silver medal has been presented to community leaders, activists, artists, business persons, and contributors active in the Métis community. Their contributions have spanned a number of years.

For more nomination information click here.

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