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Wrap Yourself in History: Capote Workshop – Regina

Wrap Yourself in History!

Experience the excitement of creating your own handmade Métis capote during a one day workshop! Traditional pure wool voyageur coats were made from a Hudson’s Bay point blanket. These Métis Voyageur coats, as they were known, were an adaptation of the old French capote style coat, but made from the Hudson’s Bay point blanket and often included fringes or tassels on the hood, shoulder seams or cuffs. Beads, fur and other embellishments were sometimes used on the upper body of the coat. The capotes were usually worn closed with a tie belt or sash and were often worn for special occasions. The workshop begins with a brief history session about the Hudson’s Bay Company and the history of the point blanket. Then you will get your creative juices going as you determine how your capote will be designed, with fringe, no fringe, length, buttons or sash. All of this is part of creating your own personalized voyageur coat as you spend the morning cutting a point blanket to create your capote. The great thing about these workshops is that anyone can do them. The capote is hand sewn in the blanket stitch so even inexperienced sewers can accomplish making their own capotes. The workshop includes all of your supplies including the Hudson’s Bay point blanket and sewing supplies. The workshop will be conducted by Suzan Lagrove, who has helped hundreds capotes “come to life” throughout Western Canada.


Saturday, February 1, 2014
#2 – 604 22nd Street W., Saskatoon, SK (GDI Publishing)
9 am – 5 pm

Sunday, February 2, 2014
4025 Albert St, Regina, SK (Executive Royal Hotel)
9 am – 5 pm

Lunch and all supplies for the coat are provided.
Workshop Fee: $275.00 (must be prepaid). This is less than the retail cost of a Hudson Bay Point blanket.
Limit of 10 participants per workshop.
Registration: (306) 657-5710
Note: We have a variety of blanket colours and styles. The coat can be made to any desired length.

Capote Workshop 1

Capote Workshop 2

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