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GDI operates with a 12-member board of governors plus a chairperson who is the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan Minister of Education. Board members are selected from each of the 12 MN–S regions.

Each board member goes through a three-step process for appointment that includes nomination at a regional council meeting, followed by ratification and approval by the provincial Métis council, and approval by the Saskatchewan Minister of Advanced Education.

The board of governors oversees the institute’s direction and is responsible for its operation and governance.

The current GDI Board members are as follows:

  • Tim Roussin

    Tim Roussin

    Chair - MNS Minister of Education; Eastern Region IIA

  • Deanna Belhumeur

    Deanna Belhumeur

    Northern Region I

  • Tracy Tinker

    Tracy Tinker

    Member - Northern Region II

  • Buckley Belanger

    Buckley Belanger

    Member - Northern Region III

  • Jackie Kennedy

    Jackie Kennedy

    Member - Western Region IA

  • May Henderson

    May Henderson

    Member - Western Region IIA

  • Marilyn Fazakas

    Marilyn Fazakas

    Member - Western Region III

  • Brian Chaboyer

    Brian Chaboyer

    Member - Eastern Region I

  • Viola Bell

    Viola Bell

    Member - Eastern Region II

  • Dennis Langan

    Dennis Langan

    Member - Eastern Region IIA

Gabriel Dumont Institue

GDI is a Saskatchewan-based educational, employment and cultural institute serving Métis across the province

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