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Gabriel Dumont College Operational Highlights 2015-2016

Western Diversification Canada GDI Aboriginal Apprenticeship Project

The Gabriel Dumont Institute Aboriginal Apprenticeship Project (2014-2017) ended successfully in September 2017 having met and surpassed all the performance indicators stated in the funding agreement between Western Economic Diversification Canada and Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment (WD Agreement, Project No.: 000012983). The project had five key targets: One, creating 150 new apprenticeship jobs across Saskatchewan. Two, partnering with 100 employers in 15 different trades, 3) 100 clients indentured with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Commission as apprentices, 4) 50 indentured clients complete at least one term of technical training, and 5) 50 clients complete a trades-focused General Educational Development (GED-Apprenticeship), a high school equivalency diploma to enable more potential clients meet requirements for the project.

Apprenticeship Best Practice Guide
Skills and Partnership Fund, Final Project Evaluation Report
A Review of The Gabriel Dumont Institute Aboriginal Apprenticeship Initiative
     authored by Doug Elliot, Wayne McElree and Bonnie Durnford

GDI Library and Information Services Report 2009-2010
GDI Library and Information Services Report 2010-2011


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