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Adult Basic Education – Success in Beauval

By Lucas Ketterer, DTI Program Coordinator, Adult Basic Education

Mar 31, 2023

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Adult Basic Education (ABE) Level Four has been running in Beauval this year for the first time since the pandemic. Students in this program have a wide variety of educations and backgrounds. Many of them have taken our previous program but, due to the nature of COVID, could not continue to make it work online. The in-person learning provided by the instructor in the community has provided the students with a positive outlook on attaining their education, and furthering their knowledge and skill set.

The program has been lucky to have Rose Richardson as the instructor. She has taught for many years, and taught with DTI when the program ran before in the community. Rose has a very special bond with each of the students and has gone above and beyond to ensure each student has what they need to be successful. Support can range from helping a student get to school, to being a counsellor when they need someone they can trust. Speaking with all of the students and listening to what they have to say about Rose provides great insight into her great depth of knowledge and understanding of Métis culture, which she is passing on to the next generation of Métis people daily. The students quite enjoy how she incorporates culture and some land-based instruction into a very structured education system. 

Students all across the province face challenges in terms of gaining an education, and Northern Saskatchewan is no different. The perseverance of these students continues to pay off for all of them, as they are opening doors for themselves when it comes to job opportunities or even getting accepted into university-level programs. These Beauval students are very determined and are proving to themselves that they have the skill set to get a higher education just like everyone else.

Rose provides the students with a safe classroom that supports their leaning and growth. The success of the students is evident to me, as the program coordinator, when I am constantly being asked for transcripts and letters for students to use to apply for higher education courses.

Thanks to Rose and the ABE program, the students graduating in May will have a skill set, knowledge, and confidence to go into whatever it is they want to do, whether that be entering the workforce or continuing their education.

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