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Batoche Summer Celebration Showcases Métis Artists and National Historic Site

By David Morin

Aug 3, 2021

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GDI Culture and Heritage Department teamed up with Parks Canada and the Friends of Batoche to create videos showcasing Métis artists and the new exhibits at the Batoche National Historic Site.

Batoche Summer Celebration Part One featured a performance by Phil and Dallas Boyer, a special feature on “The Sewing Circle” an exhibit being displayed at Batoche National Historic Site in July and September of octopus bags created by members of Gabriel Dumont Local 11 (An Métis Nation—SK Local in Western Region IIA), as well as a preview of a new display in the museum at the site called “Beyond Fiddles and Sashes” which lets visitors learn more about Métis culture and history. Part Two featured a performance by Angela Rancourt, a tour of the East Village at Batoche National Historic Site (BNHS), and a preview by Leah Marie Dorion of her Thirteen Moons art show, being showcased at BNHS all season. The two videos combined had over 3800 views, 86 comments, 54 shares, and nearly 500 engagements. Both videos are still available for viewing!

Batoche Summer Celebration Part One

Batoche Summer Celebration Part Two



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