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Benefits of Being Organized!

May 11, 2015

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By Jim Edmondson

I have been coaching individual employees on the value of higher organizational skills because I see the importance of being well organized in every aspect of work and home life.

I would like to pose a question for you to think about: Have you ever been so busy that you were barely able to function and asked yourself “What can I do to fix this?” One simple solution to that question is becoming better organized. This will also provide numerous other benefits. To illustrate what you can gain from higher organizational skills, I have suggested ten major benefits to being better organized:


1: Focus

Being organized will enable you to focus more on what you want to achieve, both at work and in your home life. This will allow you to make better decisions as you visualize where you are and want to go.


2: Increased productivity

You will be able to be more productive in your job and will possibly realize career advancement quicker. By reducing the time and mental resources you expend/waste, you will have exponentially more time for the important stuff. Organized people are often twice as productive as un-organized people.


3: Better time management

By organizing or prioritizing what you do you can better ensure that the tasks that are crucial get more priority. It’s really simple; if you are more productive you get more done and therefore have more time.


4: Reduced stress levels

An employee who is organized is likely to have less clutter in their workspace as well as reduced stress levels. With your daily and upcoming tasks prioritized and your workspace organized you will be able to meet deadlines and expectations which will dramatically reduce workplace stress. How can we not love our lives when we are happy, successful and without stress!


5: Better work-life balance

Many of us get so wrapped up in our jobs that we lose sight of the work-life balance and our families pay the cost. Being better organized in our jobs and our home lives can provide us the ability to check each at the door when it’s time for work or time to go home.


6: Setting and achieving goals

Being organized and efficient will allow you to do more of what you want and what is important. Goal achievement, in your job and in your personal life is extremely gratifying and gives a sense of accomplishment that cannot be valued.


7: Positive image

As professionals, we are often judged by our demeanor, appearance and the state of our workspace. Organization of our work and overall lives will enable you to portray the strong, true professional that you are and gain the respect you deserve.


8: Increased flexibility and creativity

In business, as in our daily lives, the ability to adapt to situations rapidly and be flexible is valuable. When you are organized and have things in priority order, you can react quicker and come up with a creative solution.


9: More energy and enthusiasm

It is draining to continually wade through the same disorganized information on your desk, on your computer or in your head. Organization creates clarity which can provide us with enthusiasm and energy.


10: Freedom from chaos

Everyone has a bit of chaos in their lives: trying to juggle the kids schedules, Christmas shopping, that deadline at work, or traffic. But it’s how well we manage to muddle through it when that chaos all seems to occur at the same time! Being better organized can be a valuable resource/tool that helps us navigate our way through it.


Getting organized is a choice and by making a conscious effort to get organized you will realize immense benefits in every aspect of your life.

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