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Eight Students Invested into the Order of Gabriel Dumont

Apr 30, 2024

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The Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) proudly announces the 2024 recipients of the prestigious Order of Gabriel Dumont Bronze Medal. This award, introduced in 2010, recognizes GDI students who have distinguished themselves through leadership, community service, cultural initiatives, and overall academic performance.

On May 1, 2024, eight students were inducted into the Order of Gabriel Dumont. The Order is presented in the form of a medallion with a certificate signed by the officers of the Institute over the seal. This year’s recipients will receive their medals at program-specific award ceremonies across the province. “Our students embody the spirit of resilience, self-determination, and leadership,” said Acting Executive Director Brett Vandale. “I am immensely proud of their contributions to the Métis community, and I believe they will continue to play an important role in shaping a brighter future in whatever career they choose.”

To date, 63 students and alumni have been awarded the Bronze Medal from various GDI-delivered programs, ranging from adult basic education to graduate education. Induction into the Order is one of the Métis Nation’s highest civilian honours.


Caydence and Kennedy Marley
Gabriel Dumont Institute Training & Employment, Saskatoon 

Caydence and Kennedy Marley are Métis twin sisters who have journeyed through academia and professional realms with unwavering determination, culminating in clerkship positions at the prestigious Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. 

Kennedy and Caydence are in their final years of law school and maintain a deep connection to their Métis heritage. They both pursued Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Saskatchewan before their legal studies. This interdisciplinary background reflects their commitment to blending social justice advocacy with legal expertise.  

Caydence has always been deeply connected to her Métis heritage. Her adventurous spirit took her across Europe for seven weeks in the summer of 2023, and she channels her creative energy into a personal podcast, sharing her journey and insights. Kennedy shares her sister’s academic vigor and cultural dedication. She is committed to addressing issues within criminal and child protection law. Kennedy’s practical legal experience includes a summer at McDougall Gauley LLP, enriching her understanding of the law in practice. Outside the classroom, her passion for travel reflects a desire to embrace diverse cultures and perspectives. 

Their selection for the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal’s clerkship program marks a significant milestone in their careers and a testament to their contributions to Indigenous women’s voices in law. Their future in law promises not only personal success but also significant contributions to the Métis community and the broader legal landscape. 


Betty Ann Durocher
Northern Saskatchewan Indigenous Teacher Education Program, La Ronge 

Betty Ann Durocher epitomizes resilience and commitment as a third-year NSITEP student, balancing her roles as a mother, grandmother, and dedicated student. Betty Ann’s commitment to excellence shines through her teaching, where she instills cultural pride and perseverance in her students. As Chief of the student representative council, she advocates tirelessly for her peers, striving to create a better educational experience for all. With her leadership, humor, and unwavering dedication, Betty Ann is poised to represent the Order of Gabriel Dumont with distinction. 

Betty Ann’s remarkable journey is a testament to her strength, resilience, and unwavering commitment to shaping a brighter future for herself and her community. 

Shay Hysuick
Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program, Regina 

Shay Hysuick, a third-year SUNTEP Regina student, embodies resilience, determination, and cultural pride in her journey as a Métis educator. Despite facing significant challenges, Shay’s unwavering commitment to her studies and community shines through. Known for her spirited personality and dedication to building positive relationships, Shay is deeply involved in both SUNTEP activities and extracurricular initiatives. As a single mother of three and a soccer coach, Shay juggles her responsibilities with grace, consistently meeting academic demands while actively contributing to her community. Her academic achievements, including recognition on the Dean’s Honour Roll and distinction from the University of Regina, attest to her outstanding dedication and work ethic. Shay’s passion for teaching and cultural connection drives her to create meaningful, Indigenized learning experiences for her students. Through her perseverance and leadership, Shay exemplifies the spirit of Métis resilience and community engagement, leaving a lasting impact on those around her. 

Kendall Hanikenne
Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program, Saskatoon 

As a proud Métis man and leader, Kendall Hanikenne’s journey embodies resilience, cultural pride, and academic excellence. A fourth-year SUNTEP Saskatoon student passionate about promoting the Michif language and embracing Indigenous pedagogies. Despite being a beginner language learner, Kendall displays a profound understanding of the Michif language, effortlessly transferring words and phrases while grasping their meanings with depth and clarity. 

Kendall’s remarkable work ethic and academic achievements have earned him recognition, including Great Distinction for his grade point average from the University of Saskatchewan and his placement on the Dean’s Honour Roll. Despite his accolades, Kendall remains humble and kind, volunteering at campus events and within the community. 

Kendall’s commitment to Métis culture extends beyond the classroom. He portrayed Gabriel Dumont with great conviction at a school event during Métis Days of Learning, showcasing his deep connection to Métis history.  

Upon graduation in May, he has already accepted a permanent teaching position with the Saskatoon Public Schools. 

Caitlin Moran
Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program, Prince Albert 

Caitlin Moran, a fourth-year SUNTEP Prince Albert student, has a profound connection to her Métis heritage and a passion for education. Transitioning from Arts and Science studies at the University of Saskatchewan, Caitlin found her true calling in teaching at the SUNTEP center in Prince Albert. As a proud Métis woman, Caitlin infuses her art and teaching with cultural richness, sharing her heritage both in the classroom and through community engagements. Committed to academic excellence, Caitlin’s dedication shines through her meticulous preparation for class, active participation, and pursuit of additional learning opportunities. Her creative approach to lesson planning, infused with Métis and First Nations content, reflects her deep commitment to cultural preservation and student engagement. Caitlin’s leadership, resilience, and genuine care for her students make her an exemplary educator and role model. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of education and cultural pride in shaping a brighter future for Indigenous communities. 

Michael Ross
Dumont Technical Institute, Meadow Lake 

Michael Ross is a dedicated student in the Mental Health and Wellness program, demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities and a commitment to academic excellence. Despite facing challenges, Michael’s determination to succeed is evident in his willingness to go above and beyond in his studies. He embraces constructive feedback and uses it to catalyze personal growth, showcasing resilience and a strong work ethic. 

Beyond the classroom, Michael is actively engaged in his community, making a meaningful impact during his field placement at the Meadow Lake Métis Nation—Saskatchewan office. There, he earned the trust and respect of his peers through his knowledge, skills, and dedication to helping others. Michael’s integrity, reliability, and compassion have led to his unofficial nomination as class president and entrusted him with treasurer duties for graduation fundraising efforts. 

Kayla Hayden
Dumont Technical Institute, Regina 

Kayla Hayden, an Office Administration Certificate student at Dumont Technical Institute (DTI), is deeply immersed in Métis cultural initiatives, showcasing her commitment to preserving heritage. Engaged in learning Michif and skilled in crafting ribbon skirts and beadwork, she passionately embraces Métis arts. Contributing to a genealogy research project, Kayla aims to deepen her understanding of Métis culture. 

Despite facing mental health challenges, Kayla bravely shares her journey to reduce stigma and support others. Through LinkedIn, she advocates for Métis culture, sharing insights and resources. Recently, Kayla organized a gift basket raffle, demonstrating her compassion and community spirit. With her multifaceted interests and unwavering dedication, Kayla embodies the values of leadership, resilience, and cultural pride at DTI. 

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