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NORTHERN REGION III (Pine House Lake, Île-à-La-Crosse, Beauval, Green lake areas)

Jul 11, 2022

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The Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research invites applications for the following:


NORTHERN REGION III (Pine House Lake, Île-à-La-Crosse, Beauval, Green lake areas),

Overview:  The GDI Board of Governors has representation from the (12) Regions of the Organization, who are ratified by the Provincial Métis Council (PMC) of the Métis Nation—Saskatchewan (MN—S).  The PMC Member who is assigned the Education portfolio sits as the Chairperson of the Board of Governors. All persons selected to the Board of Governors will be for a period of three years.  A member who is an employee/staff person/manager of an affiliated organization of the MN—S shall not be permitted to sit on the Board of Governors of the Institute.

Responsibilities: The Board of Governors oversees the Gabriel Dumont Institute and is responsible for its governance in all matters, including to adopt policies for the effective operation of GDI; to formulate a strategic plan and to oversee its implementation; to approve annual budgets, audits, and programs; to function as ambassadors for GDI and to encourage students and potential students in their study and career plans; to represent GDI to all levels of government, persons of Métis ancestry and to the public generally; and to appoint a Chief Executive Officer to be directly responsible for implementation of policy and the day-to-day management and operations of GDI.

Qualifications:  All appointments to the Board must be of Métis ancestry with knowledge of the cultural, historical, and social circumstances of Saskatchewan Métis.  Ideally, the collective skills on the board will represent a number of different disciplines and perspectives.  Some of the preferred skill and training areas include education or post-secondary education; finance and administration; business; human resources (personnel); law; and communications.  Individuals with extensive Métis culture and language experience are encouraged to apply.  This will ensure a wide range of skills and perspectives are available when decisions are considered.  A criminal record vulnerable sector check must be completed and accompany the resume submitted.

Process: Candidates can apply directly to the MN—S region or the Institute who in turn will forward the application to the appropriate MN—S region for consideration. The Region then submits the name of their selected representative forwarded from a duly called and administered regional council meeting. The name of the new board member is then sent to the Provincial Métis Council for ratification. Finally, the name is forwarded to the Minister of Advanced Education.

 Starting Date:   2022 (Once process is complete –3-year appointment with the possibility of renewal)

 Deadline for receipt of applications:    August 31, 2022

Please submit resume to one of:

Tex (Mervin) Bouvier, MN-S                                                          Lisa Bird-Wilson, Executive Director

Regional Director, Northern Region III                                        Gabriel Dumont Institute

P.O. Box 399                                                                                      917 – 22nd Street West

Ile a La Crosse, SK.  S0M 1C0                                                       Saskatoon, SK S7M 0R9

Phone: (639) 832-7555                                                                    Phone: (306) 242-6070    Fax: (306) 242-0002

Email :  tex.mns@sasktel.net                                                          Email:  lisa.bird-wilson@gdins.org


The Gabriel Dumont Institute has permission from the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission to hire affirmatively.


For the PDF version of this call please click here.

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