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Call For Proposals

Apr 2, 2019

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Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment Inc. (GDITE) is presently accepting proposals from organizations interested in receiving financial assistance for the delivery of an entrepreneurship training program.

GDITE has an opportunity to assist in creating, maintaining, or expanding Métis owned businesses in Saskatchewan. Targeted participants are Métis individuals who are in the ideation and early business development phase who will be seeking to develop a business plan and create a Saskatchewan-based business. The project shall select, and train Métis people to develop a business plan. GDI has additional supports that may be available for entrepreneurs to access upon completion of the program such as milestone cash bonuses, a self-employment transition allowance, and access to professional services funding. Additional Métis service providers have financing, grant, and loan programs for clients to apply for.

Training areas of the program may include:

– Developing skills and traits of successful entrepreneurs
– Business and business plan development
– Pitching your business idea
– Understanding credit and securing project financing

The duration of the workshop will be approximately 8-16 weeks. Workshop delivery will be in Saskatoon with the possibility of delivering additional workshops across Saskatchewan. The course can include a mix of in-class attendance and distance conferencing. Weekly meeting times would be preferred with the option of hosting on evenings or weekends. Advising and mentorship would also be an asset to a successful program. Approximately 10-14 entrepreneurs would be trained per cohort.

The expected outcomes for this project are:

– A minimum of 12 Métis entrepreneurs will receive an entrepreneurship
training certification upon completion
– Each entrepreneur will have a completed business plan

Métis culture and education are inseparable. The proposal shall reflect this.

Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment Inc is under no obligation to accept any of the applications for funding. Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment Inc. reserves the right to sign contribution agreements containing terms and conditions with more than one applicant to deliver these services.

Call for Proposals (CFP) Summary

Identified need: Métis entrepreneurs contribute to the Saskatchewan economy through the creation of jobs and economic wealth creation. A training program that assists in business plan development, business skill development, and financial literacy will increase the self-employment outcomes of participants and will increase the chances of business success and subsequent job creation.

Project dates and length: The earliest proposed start date for the training program is June 2019. There may be an opportunity for additional training sessions. Proposed training sessions may occur on weekends, evenings, or during the work week. The estimated total length of the training program will be 8-16 weeks.

Venue and location: The course will be offered in Saskatoon. There may be an opportunity to host additional training sessions in other communities, pending the success of the first cohort. Proposals shall include information about venue options and cost.

Project Eligibility:

– Applicants must be at least 18 years of age
– Applicants must intend on establishing a business
– Applicants must identify as Métis and must be a current Saskatchewan resident.
– Applicant businesses must not involve:

– Direct alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis production or sales
– Games of chance: casinos, etc.
– Sexually explicit services and products
– Pawnshops, cheque cashers, refinancers
– Passive investments
– Basic farming and ranching
– Political bodies

Project Outcomes: A minimum of 12 Métis entrepreneurs will complete the training program and have developed a business plan. These entrepreneurs should have a strong understanding of the financing requirements of their business. The completer may have access to additional Pathways for Entrepreneurship supports.

Recruitment and Registration: Strategies to recruit appropriate applicants, promote the course, and administrative infrastructure should be included in the proposal. Promotional and advertising budgets should be estimated and included in the proposal.

Curriculum: Details about the curriculum should be included in the proposal. Please include a background of previous service delivery if applicable. Please include information on any Métis cultural components in the course if applicable.

Information: Questions about the proposal can be answered by calling 306-657-2234 or email

Application Eligibility Requirements: The application must be received prior to 4pm on April 30, 2019. The proposal must include a budget and must be signed by the legally authorized representative of the organization. All applications will receive a receipt of their submission within 7 days of receiving.

Assessment of Proposal and Budget: Each proposal will be assessed against the following 5 categories:

1. Organizational Experience: Experience providing requested services, past projects or achievements, development and experience delivering business planning curriculum or courses, sound financial management
2. Service Delivery Approach: Client recruitment, promotion, managing project, plan to reach outcomes, facility suitability, feasibility
3. Human Resource Plan: Experienced staff, Métis representation
4. Community/Business Development Knowledge: Understanding of how project links to business community and other service providers, plan to integrate service with mentors, and existing resources and partnerships
5. Budget: Eligible, itemized, and reasonable

Please note: The lowest dollar amount proposal will not necessarily be selected. Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment Inc reserves the right to reject some or all proposals.

Notification of Decision and Results
The highest ranked applicant will be subject to standard Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment Inc agreement procedures, including further assessments to ensure adherence to terms and conditions, and value for money.
The highest ranked applicant (s) may be asked for further information to support budget details to proceed to an agreement, and they will be expected to produce this information as quickly as possible upon notification of results.

Disqualified or unsuccessful applicants will be advised within 7 days of the determination of disqualification or determination of a successful proposal.

The closing date for receiving applications and proposals is 4:00pm on April 30, 2019.
Proposals must be submitted to or delivered to:

1003 22nd St. W.
Saskatoon, SK
S7M 0S2
C/O Pathways for Entrepreneurship

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