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GDI Wins Workplace Excellence Award

May 7, 2020

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May 2, 2020



CMHA Saskatoon Celebrates Mental Health Week May 4-10 and Honours Employers that put Workplace Mental Health Front Row and Center


After almost 8 months of planning, CMHA Saskatoon made the difficult decision to cancel our inaugural Mayor’s Luncheon for Workplace Excellence Awards on March 24, 2020. The venue was booked, tickets were sold, awards were ordered, and special guests were invited. Then the COVID -19 pandemic hit and plans had to change.


“There was no question we needed to cancel our event, but it didn’t mean we had to cancel the awards. This good news story needed to be told, especially now. Not only do the awards exemplify best practise in workplace mental health, they also speak to the capacity of employers to care deeply about their staff and contribute to the health of our community.” says Faith Bodnar, CMHA Saskatoon Executive Director.

Earlier this year, CMHA Saskatoon called for nominations for employers that demonstrate excellence in workplace mental health. We wanted to hear about innovation and commitment in creating and sustaining positive mental health in owner operated, small, medium and large businesses, non-profits, and government.


“We also want to recognize an employer that stands apart, not only in extraordinary workplace mental health but one that gives back to our city, helping make Saskatoon a healthier place for us all to live, work and play.” Joyce Meyers, CMHA Saskatoon Board Member.


Follow this link for video messages from Mayor Charlie Clark and Faith Bodnar, Executive Director of CMHA Saskatoon:




  • Cameco – exemplifies an extraordinary, long term commitment and contribution as an employer and community leader. Cameco values and prioritizes workplace mental health and as a community leader Cameco works hard break down barriers, create awareness, build inclusion and reduce the stigma about mental health. Cameco’s work in creating resilient employees and vibrant communities reinforces the fact that work and community life are inter woven.


Small & Medium Non Profit

  • Saskatchewan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – ensures that the values of empathy, compassion and respect are part of the entire agency and all that it does. Staff experience a judgement free workplace that supports growth and development. Volunteers from all backgrounds are integral in bringing the mission to life.



  • Crocus Cooperative – a member guided agency where a small staff of 6 work closely to develop meaningful and responsive programs and services for some of Saskatoon’s most vulnerable citizens. Crocus creates welcome and a safe space for all to share a meal, work, learn and grow.


  • Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Society – celebrating 40 years serving Saskatoon, employees are supported to be their best individually and as a collective as they support people during crisis. This agency prioritizes employee mental wellness, skill development and team building.


  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Saskatoon – continuous learning, leadership development, strength- based approaches, celebrating successes and building resilient teams are central to this agency. Serving thousands of participants while providing a diverse range of programs, Boys and Girls Club of Saskatoon helps strengthen families.


  • Tykes and Tots Early Learning Centre – mental health and wellness are core to their children programs and their staff. Creating a health sense of community within the agency means everyone thrives.

Large Non-Profit

  • Gabriel Dumont Institute – prioritizes finding the right fit for an employee skills and capacities and the work to be done. As well, it’s important that each employee understand change management in this dynamic institution and how their work contributes to the larger organization.



FACTS- Why Workplace Mental Health is Critical

  • Mental illness affects 20% of the population directly and 100% indirectly – we are all affected.
  • Mental health stigma prevents 2/3’s of people from seeking help.
  • By age 40, 50% of the population will have had or have a illness
  • Annual economic cost of mental illness in Canada is $51 billion, not including the cost of absenteeism from work due to mental illness..
  • Mental Health Services are some of the most underfunded in our healthcare system.
  • Depression is predicted to be the leading cause if disease by this year (WHO)
  • 500,000 people do not attend work every week due to mental illness.
  • In the last 4 years, the Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board received 719 mental health claims. Since 2018 that is an increase of 2 ½ times.






The Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatoon Branch was established in 1948. We have grown and changed over the past 70 years, providing community based, mental health services and programs. We are members of the provincial and national CMHA federation. Our vison is “mental health for all”.



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