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Métis Nation University Sponsorship Program



The 2019-2020 Métis Nation University Sponsorship Program aims to assist Métis students to close the education gap by attending accredited University level programming. This program is funded by the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan. Students will be selected using a blind adjudication process, and ranked on criteria to meet Métis Nation – Saskatchewan priority areas.

Selection Eligibility (2019-20)

To be eligible, students must:
be a registered Métis Nation – Saskatchewan citizen.  Click here for details on how to apply for Métis Nation – Saskatchewan citizenship
be attending full-time University level programming
be applying for sponsorship for spring/summer semester

Priority Order for Sponsorship Allocation
Funding is limited, and not all students may be approved for sponsorship. Sponsorship will be allocated as follows:

  1. First to students pursuing their first degree;
  2. Second to students pursuing a second, or advanced, degree (eg. second Bachelor’s or a Master’s);
  3. Third to students pursuing a third, and advanced, degree (eg. Master’s or Doctoral); and
  4. Fourth to students pursuing three or more degrees of any level.

Meeting the eligibility requirements and priority order does not guarantee approval.

Applications for Spring/Summer opened December 1, 2019, and will close February 1, 2020.

Applications for Fall 2020 will open March 1, 2020, and close June 1, 2020.

To start your Sponsorship Application, please complete the online application below. This application cannot be printed, when you have filled out all required fields, push the submit button and a copy will be provided to you by email. You will also be provided with a unique client ID by email from after the application period closes, and given instructions to submit any outstanding documents at that time.


**Please Note: you cannot save your progress on this application once you have started.**

If you are using a mobile device, please click this link to open in a separate tab.


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