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By Daniel Downs

Feb 21, 2019

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As many of you are aware, Dumont Technical Institute has had a long history of offering Health related programming in Saskatchewan. From Health-Entry programs to Practical Nursing, Dumont Technical Institute has covered the gambit of health options for Métis people in Saskatchewan. Indeed, Dumont Technical Institute is the second largest training provider for practical nurses in Saskatchewan.

This fall (after several years), Dumont Technical Institute was proud to re-introduce two Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) programs in the communities of Regina and Saskatoon headed by two new and two returning instructors. In Saskatoon, Anita Bergen and Gayle Penner joined Dumont Technical Institute to help steer the Saskatoon CCA ship. In Regina, Prudence Bergen and Holly Levac have come back on-board to work with our Regina program. Prudence previously instructed in Dumont Technical Institute’s Regina Medical Device Reprocessing program, and Holly has previously provided Clinical Supervision for our students.

By the time you will have read this, both groups of students will have completed their first clinical in the program; the first big show of their newly acquired skills and abilities. My first program ever as a Program Coordinator with Dumont Technical Institute was a CCA program in Regina. I remember taking over the program from another Coordinator after the program had already started. I was nervous, apprehensive, and shared much of the same emotions that the CCA students felt as they learned their craft. Over the years though, I learned that nervousness was normal in programming, and that it is almost a prerequisite to be nervous when (as a student) you act as “The eyes and ears of the frail and vulnerable.”

Throughout the months, the students have learned empathy and compassion for others, a willingness to serve, and an understanding of what the end-of-life truly is like for many in this province. It is amazing to see how they have grown both as students and healthcare professionals. Watching them, I am constantly reminded of what Dumont Technical Institute does; and how it is mirrored in our students… a simple desire to improve the quality of life for others.

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