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COVID-19 Emergency Bursary for Métis Students

An emergency bursary is available to support Métis post-secondary and Adult Basic Education students experiencing hardships and loss of income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The needs-based bursary is intended to support students during this difficult time by providing up to a maximum of $500 per student for emergent expenses related to the corona virus. Selection will be based on student’s demonstrated financial need.

Students may be experiencing difficulty completing their studies due to rapid and unforeseen changes in living situations. Those who have transitioned to online learning platforms may have incurred unforeseen costs such as needed educational equipment (computers, printers, reliable internet, etc.) to complete their studies. Due to the closing of schools and daycare centers, students attempting to complete their studies remotely may need resources related to childcare. Many Métis students have lost income and are experiencing difficulties meeting basic living expenses.

The COVID-19 Emergency Bursary for Métis Students is contingent on the financial support provided by funding agents and partners. Current funding partners include the Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship (SIOS) fund and the Gabriel Dumont Institute. Other donors are actively being sought and will be updated as required.

The GDI COVID-19 Emergency Bursary for Students application is no longer available. If you are a current student in extreme financial need during this time, please email scholarships@gdi.gdins.org to request assistance and your situation will be assessed on an individual basis.


During this time we highly encourage individuals to look into these other sources of assistance:


The Canadian Government Support for Students and Recent Graduates – The federal government has put a number of programs and supports in place to help students impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. These include enhanced student financial assistance for fall 2020, the Canada Student Service Grant, and the Canada Emergency Student Benefit, Find out more here.


The Province of Saskatchewan  – Saskatchewan residents who have been ordered to self-isolate and are not eligible for the federal supports can apply for the province’s self-isolation support program, which provides recipients with $900 over two weeks. The program will mainly benefit self-employed workers.


The Métis Nation Saskatchewan Métis-specific Emergency Response – On March 31, 2020 the Métis Nation Saskatchewan announced $2.88 million for immediate emergency COVID-19 relief measures for childcare, housing, and PPE. *Full program details and instructions available on the MN-S website




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