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DTI and the New COVID-19 Reality

By Dylan Pelletier

Sep 4, 2020

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In March 2020, the global pandemic COVID-19 caused massive and rapid changes to all of our ways of life. Front line healthcare workers faced enormous and dangerous challenges in the following weeks and months fighting the virus and helping the sick. Millions of others instantly lost their jobs and had an uncertain future.

Dumont Technical Institute (DTI), along with the entire education sector, faced challenges too. We had to close our classrooms and instantly transition to online and distance learning. Our staff worked extremely hard to make the transition as smooth and as rapid possible. In a matter of days, full lessons and units had been created and/or uploaded to online learning platforms. Many staff worked evenings and weekends to ensure that services to students were not disrupted. Despite the challenges of such a sudden transition, students were able to finish the year online and graduate from their programs.

In fall of 2020, DTI is planning on offering a hybrid teaching model in most of its programs. 60% of instruction will be online and 40% will be in the classroom. Our students will be divided into smaller cohorts so they can be socially distanced while in the classroom. Many of our students found the full online model difficult, so we wanted students to be in the classroom once or twice a week to receive in-person instruction. Students feel more supported when they can meet with their instructor face-to-face.

We at DTI feel the hybrid model will be the best way to ensure student success while following all health guidelines related to COVID-19. Student health and safety are our top priority at DTI. DTI has invested resources in the online learning platform Brightspace. Brightspace is the same online platform used by Saskatchewan Polytech, so DTI skills programs will seamlessly integrate with Sask Polytech brokered skills programs.

DTI staff have worked hard all summer long to ensure student health and success in the 2020-2021 school year. We at DTI wish all of our students the best luck and hope for a very successful school year.

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