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DTI Receives More ABE Funding

Jun 17, 2014

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On Monday June 17, 2014, Gabriel Dumont Institute and the Government of Saskatchewan held a media event at the GDI Regina Campus to highlight the importance of Adult Basic Education (ABE) programming and announce funding increase to Dumont Technical Institute and other ABE providers in the province. With the additional funding by the Provincial Government, Dumont Technical Institute receives a 10% increase in ABE funds (about $200,000) for the 2014-2015 program year.

The funding will be used to increase access for the clients in need of these services within Saskatchewan. This will create more opportunities for Métis people to get knowledge and skills that are necessary to succeed in higher education and in the labour market.

Dumont Technical Institute Director Brett Vandale welcomed Honourable Jeremy Harrison, Associate Minister of the Economy to the GDI Regina Campus where the event took place. Citing the GDI commissioned 2011 Howe Report, Bridging the Aboriginal Education Gap in Saskatchewan, Brett noted that a Métis individual that achieves a certificate, diploma, or university degree has a cumulative lifetime earnings of 2-3 times greater than a Métis person that does not have a high school diploma.

Hon. Harrison pointed out that “With record investments into Adult Basic Education, our government is fulfilling our promise in the Plan for Growth to eliminate the ABE waitlist by 2015.” With the additional funding to Dumont Technical Institute and other colleges in the province, the Government of Saskatchewan is providing $25 million in ABE funding for 2014-2015 representing a 9.1% increase in ABE funding over 2013-2014 and supporting a total of 700 new opportunities. This means “increasing the ABE seats available to 8,580 and increasing the accessibility of these programs” Harrison said.

Brett reminded the audience that “ABE is a key educational tool to enable our people who have struggled with mainstream education system to have access to a learning environment that helps them secure necessary credentials and gain meaningful employment.”

ABE encompasses a wide range of services, credit, and non-credit programs designed for adult learners. Other funding for adult education and skills training would include support for early childhood education, northern training programs and certain short-skills programming at the Regina and Saskatoon Trades and Skills Centres. For more information please contact Claudette Moran at claudette.moran@dti.gdins.org or (306) 242-6070.

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