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Dumont Technical Institute’s Beginning with Micro-credentials

By Ashley Goy, DTI Program Coordinator

Jan 12, 2022

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In the new year, Dumont Technical Institute (DTI) plans to offer a micro-credential course as the emerging trend makes its mark in the Saskatchewan educational landscape.

Micro-credentials are beginning to pop up in the post-secondary sector, not only in Saskatchewan but across the world. The definition of a micro-credential by the Government of Saskatchewan is “a short program that focuses on specific knowledge, skills and/or competencies that address specific needs in Saskatchewan’s labour market” (Saskatchewan’s Guide to Micro-credentials).

Micro-credentials provide a status to the course, such as a certification that students can add to their resume. Micro-credential courses may be offered as a stand-alone course or within a set of courses also known as “stacking”. The benefits of micro-credential courses include flexibility, encouraging lifelong learning, upskilling, reskilling, and they are usually less expensive than traditional programming. Another benefit is that they have an opportunity to be digitized and by doing so ensures it’s as easy as a click of a mouse for employers to view job-seekers micro-credential certifications. As micro-credentials develop there is potential to see more courses offered in the post-secondary sector in Saskatchewan.

DTI will begin its trial in providing micro-credential courses to Métis communities by offering a Sage 50 Accounting Course in partnership with Primrose Lake Economic Development Corporation (PLEDCO) in February 2022.

This course will provide students with Sage 50 Accounting Software training, and the total course length will be 24 hours. This course provides students with a skill desired by employers and entrepreneurs/self-employed and adds qualifications to resumes for those looking to attain employment.

The Sage 50 Accounting Course has the fundamentals required of a micro-credential course and enables learners to gain new skills quickly to meet the labour market needs of the community, employers, and industry. This is an exciting time for the DTI, Métis communities, and the post-secondary education world, as micro-credentials develop and expand across the Province.

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