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Elizabeth Patteuw: A Success Story

Interview submitted by Randi Ross & transcribed by Desirae Barker

Oct 1, 2020

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Elizabeth was introduced to the Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) by her mother. Her mother was a student in the Institute’s Practical Nursing program and encouraged her to look into programming and apply. If it weren’t for her mother, Elizabeth says she would never have realized how much she loves being a CCA. She states that she chose the CCA program specifically because “it is a stepping stone in my path to becoming a nurse. I like the idea of knowing how everything works, and this program helps open my eyes to the ins and outs of health care.”

In discussions about what she enjoyed most about the program and GDI, Elizabeth describes her experience as amazing. She continues, “GDI helped me out financially but also brought me closer to my heritage as there were a couple of events that taught us about the culture and life of Métis people.”

Elizabeth’s future goals are to take the Practical Nursing Program at DTI and hopefully get into the labor and delivery sector. She would also like to take the Indigenous Birth Support Worker Program to become an Indigenous Doula. Her advice to future students is, “take the course, it may not be something you saw yourself doing in the beginning, but it will help you for the rest of your life.”

DTI continues its long history of offering health-related programming in Saskatchewan and is proud of the graduates who continue to learn and work in this essential industry.

Thank you for sharing your story Elizabeth and best of luck with your future!

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