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Emergency Action Plan Implemented

Jul 19, 2017

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By Jim Edmondson

The Gabriel Dumont Institute Emergency Action Plan was implemented in the Prince Albert, Saskatoon, and Regina facilities in June 2017. The Emergency Action Plan implementation at each of the three locations was over a two-day period and involved installation of the Alertus notification software, staff training and a drill.

The Emergency Action Plan was implemented in Saskatoon (both facilities located on 917 22nd Street West & 1003 22nd Street West buildings) on June 6, 2017; in Prince Albert on June 12-13, 2017; and in Regina on June 19-20. Overall, the process was very successful.

The drills were conducted to gauge reaction of staff to an emergency situation (active threat). All members of staff who were presented at all locations reacted appropriately and had specific rationale as to their decision.They took the appropriate action based on their proximity to the source of threat, ease of access to a viable escape route, and any mobility restrictions. All staff that chose to evacuate did so successfully and were out of the facility within less than two minutes while those who decided that hiding was their best option secured themselves properly.

Training was well attended and received. The sessions brought forward some extremely valuable discussion and feedback from the participants that will be put in place if feasible. IT has followed up with each facility to ensure that all devices work effectively to display emergency alert when prompted. More sessions have been planned for other GDI facilities in Saskatchewan


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