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Employee Luncheon in Prince Albert a Success

Dec 4, 2018

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By James Oloo

Employee luncheons are often an effective incentive in the workplace, especially when it comes to improving morale.

While income and hours are two key factors that determine whether employees chose to quit or stay, a survey showed that about 65% of dissatisfied employees cite the reason as not feeling valued. These feelings go hand in hand with engagement in a company. Luncheons are one of the effective ways to make employees feel like engaged team members and not outsiders.

Last month, HR Director Jim Edmondson, Angela Letendre (a member of Faculty at Dumont Technical Institute), and a number of program supervisors in Prince Albert, organized a ‘morale luncheon’ in Prince Albert. The luncheon was intended to boost staff morale and to allow staff from all the various programs operating in Prince Albert to interact and understand what other programs do and how they intertwine.

“The lunch was a huge success! We had 20 staff from all three floors of the building attend and the reviews/comments were that they loved the idea of getting together to break bread,” Angela Letendre said. Angela noted that the timing of the luncheon was good because “Leah (Dorion), Jed (Huntley), Tammy (Cummins) and I had been talking about doing something like this for years.” It also happened that many of the Institute staff members in Prince Albert have been thinking of how to honour Stan Kolosa, who is one of the longest serving Institute employees.

As Angela stated, “It was nice to use the idea of Stan’s legacy after he leaves us as the impetus to put the plan for the luncheon in effect. I know Stan really appreciated the acknowledgement and was happy about the event.”

All the 20 employees who were at the luncheon received stress balls that were donated by the Saskatoon Problem Gambling as a gift to use to de-stress when necessary. The balls have a happy face image on them. As the luncheon was so successful, future employee luncheons have been planned and it is anticipated that employee engagement in the Prince Albert, and other locations, will continue to grow.

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