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Facilities Operations Update

Nov 8, 2018

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By James Oloo

Gabriel Dumont Institute Facilities Management is a unit responsible for maintenance, renovation, and construction of the Institute’s physical fabric. Below are current and most recent projects at the Institute.

Emergency Action Plan

In October and November, the Gabriel Dumont Institute will conduct tests on its emergency notification system. Staff and students will be advised when the test will be conducted and what to expect.

Emergency Action Plan was implemented in the Prince Albert, Saskatoon, and Regina facilities in 2017. The plan is designed to prepare Institute employees and students in advance to better respond to emergency situations should they occur.

Central Office Building

Gabriel Dumont Institute Central Office building in Saskatoon is currently being expanded to include an 8,200 square foot addition. Construction is expected to be completed in 2019. The new space will house the Métis Museum, Publishing Department, a boardroom, and office space.

As well, a storage space is being built at the Dumont Technical Institute building at 1003 22nd Street in Saskatoon. The additional space will be used by the Publishing Department.

La Loche Building

The Institute continues to receive positive feedback from La Loche regarding the recently expanded La Loche programming building. The building includes new and expanded classroom and training space, computer lab stations, and a larger workshop area. The building also has a new community room and increased parking areas.

For any questions regarding the Gabriel Dumont Institute facilities, please contact Greg MacLeod, Facility Manager, at

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