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Gabriel Dumont Institute is a Key Part of Pinehouse

Feb 2, 2017

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By Julia Lariviere, Andrea Durocher, and Cheyenne Caisse

Julia Lariviere, Andrea Durocher, and Cheyenne Caisse are Adult Basic Education (Level 4) students at Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan.

The community of Pinehouse is a wonderful place to live. It offers several opportunities. The new arena in the community has made the youth and children very happy. Many people in our community are getting educated. We also have a daycare facility with great staff, who takes good care of our children while the parents can continue to upgrade or work.

Pinehouse Lake is a kind place to visit. Other than the arena, which houses a fitness centre, there is a Co-op store, a gas bar, restaurants, and healthcare facilities, to name a few amenities. In the summer, we have The Elder’s Gathering where our community gets together and welcomes Elders from across Canada to participate in traditional activities. Pinehouse is a safe and friendly environment.

There are about 2,000 people living here. We also have a place about 20 minutes out, Kamkota Lodge, which is a popular tourist destination. Kamkota Lodge attracts visitors who enjoy the outdoors, fishing, and hunting.

For those dealing with addiction issues, there is a nearby facility at Muskwa Lake that has a very good reputation. Those who completed the rehabilitation program are treated to celebration and are awarded certificates of completion.

Gabriel Dumont Institute has been providing a very important service to the community by offering career counselling and educational programs to adults without high school diploma and to those pursuing postsecondary training. Many people in our community have a second chance to accomplish their educational and career goals because of Gabriel Dumont Institute.

Gabriel Dumont Institute has given us the opportunity to finish our education in our community. It has been quite the journey to finish what we have started. Now that we are almost done Adult Basic Education Level 4 (high school equivalent), we can go on to looking for a career and/or trying to find work. It has been a great experience for us. We will also miss everything about it, like learning, classmates, instructors, and all the laughs while being in the class. We all know each other so throughout the schooling we have encouraged each other to continue and finish school.

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