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Gabriel Dumont Institute Participation in Career Fairs

Apr 5, 2018

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By Kristi Ross

The Gabriel Dumont Institute Career Fair Committee has been working hard to ensure that the Gabriel Dumont Institute is widely visible across Saskatchewan. As a committee we find it important to have GDI represented across the province. We believe that by attending various career and educational fairs, we are promoting exposure of what GDI can offer to our potential students, clients, partners and communities. As well, our staff is able to network with various other organizations which helps with building partnerships throughout Saskatchewan.

The staff who attend career fairs are able to connect with future students or clients who come in to our organization to further their education or employment. Our experience shows that if we meet clients outside of the Institute, it makes for an easier transition for some individuals who have been out of school or employment for some time. Attending fairs also provides a chance to build confidence in our own staff, who then have the opportunity to showcase what they know about their place of employment as well as their culture. The committee set a goal of attending two career fairs in each of the twelve Métis Nation—Saskatchewan regions. We achieved this goal in 2017, with a majority of the regions hosting more than two career fairs.

In 2017, Dumont Technical Institute and GDI Training and Employment staff attended a total of 57 career fairs. This year the committee has pushed the bar up to attend more career fairs including at least four in each region. If you have any questions or would like to suggest upcoming fairs in Saskatchewan, please send an email to Kristi @

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