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GDI COVID-19 Fall Delivery Update

By Lisa Bird-Wilson & Desirae Barker

Sep 4, 2020

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With fall approaching, Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) has made significant changes to operations and program delivery as a result of COVID-19. Over the last few months, GDI has been working closely with post-secondary partners and following provincial health guidelines to plan for fall.

In light of the pandemic, programs have shifted delivery to accommodate students and ensure the impact on studies is low. Many programs have developed a remote curriculum using a variety of online tools such as Zoom and Brightspace. These new programs will limit in-class instruction and allow instructors to continue facilitating classes, assignments, and exams required to complete programs.

In cases where a complete online delivery is not feasible, GDI programs will follow a hybrid delivery model. The hybrid delivery will include 40% of learning in-class and 60% online/remote learning. Leveraging the best practices of face-to-face in-person classes and online/remote education instruction will give students the best chance of academic success during the ever-changing pandemic.

Additional Health & Safety Guidelines
As of August 24, 2020, all staff and students—as well as visitors, contractors, and vendors—accessing a GDI (NITEP, SUNTEP, GDC, DTI, and GDITE) facility or program location are expected to wear a face mask in all indoor common spaces where physical distancing is not possible. This may include hallways, lobbies, classrooms, labs, study spaces, elevators, and other designated shared spaces. Masks will be available on-site for visitors who do not have their own masks.

All visitors at GDI facilities must check-in with front reception and follow the check-in process which includes COVID-19 questions and contact information. Students are asked to complete COVID-19 screening prior to arrival at the building, and will do a brief check in with front reception or faculty depending on location and service area. Schedules for students requiring access to the GDI buildings will be created and distributed by respective Program heads in an effort reduce and control traffic. Staff are also asked to complete a COVID-19 screening prior to arrival at the work place.

Facilities have been equipped with hand sanitization stations, temperature checking devices and masks. There are also marked indicators on the floor throughout the building to warrant social distancing.

A pandemic plan/guide is in use across the Institute and updated regularly. The top priority continues to be the safety and well-being of GDI students, staff, and visitors.

For further COVID-19 related updates and procedures visit the website: https://gdins.org/covid-19/

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