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GDI is Celebrating its 35th Anniversary!

May 19, 2015

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Gabriel Dumont Institute is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. The Institute was founded in 1980 to meet the education and training needs of Saskatchewan Métis and to preserve and promote Métis history and culture.  GDI has graduated over eleven hundred Métis teachers from the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program, SUNTEP and has thousands of certificate and diploma graduates.  GDI offers university education, skills training, apprenticeships, and adult upgrading through programs from SUNTEP and Dumont Technical Institute.  GDI Training and Employment offers career counselling in service delivery offices across the province.  The Institute also has a Scholarship Foundation that has awarded nearly 1.5 million dollars to Métis students.  To learn more about Gabriel Dumont Institute, go to, online, or contact one of the 140 staff at the eleven service delivery sites across the province.

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Gabriel Dumont Institue

GDI is a Saskatchewan-based educational, employment and cultural institute serving Métis across the province

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