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GDI Students Benefit from City of Regina Program

Feb 2, 2017

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By Darcie DeBruyne

Often, many of us start our vehicles and go where we need to go, and usually don’t think twice about it. What if you don’t have a reliable vehicle, a ride, or money for a bus pass, yet need to go to school or work?

This could be the reality for some of us, (I know I have been there) as well the reality for Gabriel Dumont Institute students and clients. And it can create another barrier to those doing their best to achieve goals in life.

Once we, at the Dumont Technical Institute Regina, identified this need among our students and clients, I sent a request to the City of Regina Transit Fare Assistance Program. On January 13, 2017, I received an email from Nathan Luhning, the Manager of Business Development in the City’s Transit Department, informing us that the request had been approved. The email stated that the Institute “has been allocated 400 2-Ride Adult Passes worth $2,600.”

We are very thankful to the City of Regina. Their assistance will help reduce some of the stress and anxiety. Our students and clients will be able to come to school or make their appointment with GDI Training and Employment on those days they are struggling with transportation. It is through generosity and supports from programs such as the Transit Fair Assistance, that help us make positive impacts on our Métis students and clients and help clear the road to their success.

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