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GDITE to Support Métis Entrepreneurship

Oct 12, 2017

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By Audrey Hestand

Since the days of the fur trade, the Métis have demonstrated a bold entrepreneurial spirit and have built a reputation as strong business people. Gabriel Dumont Institute Training & Employment (GDITE) wishes to support Saskatchewan Métis to continue that tradition.

Responding to community demand for self-employment supports, GDITE has created the Pathways for Entrepreneurship program to assist Métis clients to prepare for, create, maintain and/or expand personal businesses. This will help enhance economic growth and job creation through the development of new or support to existing Métis businesses across Saskatchewan.

Over the coming months, GDITE will build internal capacity to fill gaps in services for Métis entrepreneurs. GDITE will provide supports for Métis entrepreneurs to develop skills through training, to link with business mentors, to create a more skilled workforce, and to ensure a successful business start-up.

Pathways for Entrepreneurship supports will include the following:

Mentorship – clients may be linked with business mentors that may provide support to the business planning, start-up, maintenance, or expansion phases, for up to four months.

Business Training – clients may be recommended to training to gain the skills necessary to be successful in self-employment. Training leading to a Blue Seal designation is eligible, along with all accredited training, and unaccredited training when linked directly to need.

Business Development – clients may be eligible to receive support for costs associated with developing their business plan, where other resources are unavailable.

Self-Employment Transition Allowance – clients who are in the business planning and/or start-up phases may qualify for a short-term transition allowance of no longer than 26 weeks to alleviate the financial barriers to starting a new business.

Workforce Development – Métis business owners may qualify for short specialized training for their staff. The training must not be Canada Jobs Grant eligible, and must result in a higher skilled workforce.

The complete Pathways for Entrepreneurship will be available to clients by January 2018. Supports for clients seeking business training, workforce development for Métis owned businesses, and the self-employment transition allowance are available as of September 25, 2017. Clients can apply to the Pathways for Entrepreneurship by making an appointment with a GDITE Employment Counsellor. For more information, please contact Angie Yew, Administrative Coordinator, GDITE, angie.yew@gdite.gdins.org.

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