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GED – High School Equivalency

Apr 21, 2017

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By Kristi Ross

Over the past year, the Gabriel Dumont Institute Testing Services has administered 447 General Education Development (GED) exams across Saskatchewan. This represents a 38.5% increase over the previous year. As the demand for GED testing increases, it is important that Institute employees who work with students and clients have a better understanding of GED.

The GED test is an internationally recognized test. It is equivalent to a Saskatchewan high school diploma. The GED test is designed for people who, for various reasons, did not graduate from high school but want a certificate equivalent to the traditional high school diploma. However, the requirements are very different for receiving a GED credential and earning a high school diploma. It is crucial to look up if the GED would be recognized for admission in the program that a client or student may be trying to get into.

The 2002 Series GED test is a five part exam that measures the skills and knowledge similar to a high school course of study. The test is made up of multiple choice questions that will test the students’ knowledge in five subject areas including language arts reading; language arts writing; math; social studies; and science.

Each of these subject tests the candidate’s skills and knowledge in different topic areas such as: 1) Mathematics, including number operations and number sense, measurement and geometry, data analysis, statistics, and probability, and algebra, functions, and patterns; 2) Science, namely, physics and chemistry, life science, earth and space science; and 3) Social Studies including history, geography, civics and government, and economics. Others include 4) Language Arts, Reading which covers poetry, drama, prose, visual and performing arts reviews, and workplace and community documents; and 5) Language Arts, Writing Part 1- Organization, sentence structure, usage, mechanics; Part 2- Essay.

How much does it cost?

In Saskatchewan, GED test costs $35.00 or $7.00 per subject. The cost may be different in other provinces.

Testing Services Update

We have helped over 52 people with their Accuplacer tests. February and March have been busy with rewrites. Currently, we have one person accessing the MyFoundationsLab in North Battleford. Since January, we have delivered 64 GED tests at our Saskatoon Location and 106 exams through our mobile lab. The mobile lab has been busy travelling to Lloydminster and Pinehouse. We are currently booked to deliver two more testing sessions out in Pinehouse in April. For more information, please contact Kristi Ross, Testing Services Coordinator, at testing@gdins.org or 306-657-2242.

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