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How Does a Client Register for Accuplacer Test?

Feb 2, 2017

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By Kristi Ross

Whether it is a client looking at meeting the requirements for the Gabriel Dumont Institute Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program or an individual seeking admission into a Dumont Technical Institute program, writing an Accuplacer test is important in that it allows for the assessment of the candidate’s skill level, and placement in the appropriate program. An Employment Counsellors (or Program Coordinator) will sit down with their client and fill out Accuplacer testing request form. The completed form is then forwarded to the Testing Services Coordinator via email.

The Testing Services Coordinator then considers the request, contact the client, and arrange to have someone who will serve as a proctor during the test. The Institute’s proctors are located in Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, North Battleford, Île-à-la-Crosse, La Loche, and Buffalo Narrows.

Depending on the client’s location, the Testing Services Coordinator will then create a voucher for the client and scan the information to the proctor. The Testing Services Coordinator will send the client information on how to access study material and information regarding Accuplacer test, and arrange a date when testing will occur.

After the Accuplacer test is administered, the Testing Services Coordinator will follow-up with the client to let them know if they require a MyFoundationsLab or not. A client will only need to take a MyFoundationsLab if they did not reach the mandatory benchmarks outlined by the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission. The MyFoundationsLab is an independent learning tool for the client that can be used at home.

Testing Updates
The month of January was a busy time, we conducted 19 Accuplacer tests. To date, the Testing Services has administered Accuplacer testing to a total of 43 clients.

January started on a high note at the Testing Services. We delivered the first series of the Gabriel Dumont Institute Mobile General Educational Development (GED) testing in Pinehouse, Sask. About 27 exams were administered. Another 40 GED exams were delivered through the Saskatoon location. The GED test allows individuals who have not completed high school the opportunity to earn a Saskatchewan Grade 12 diploma.

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