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Insightrix Research Inc. Dumont Technical Institute Student Survey

Jan 4, 2022

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Insightrix Research Inc. is conducting 3 &12 month client follow-up surveys on the Essential Skills and Skills Training clients/ learners on behalf of the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training.

Key Messages:

  • Insightrix Research Inc. in contracted to conduct follow-up research with individuals that received Ministry-funded employment/education training, services, and supports delivered by a Saskatchewan Institution or a community-based organization.
  • Insightrix Research Inc. is surveying clients that completed employment/education training, services, and supports 3 & 12-months ago to understand whether clients/students are employed/unemployed, have moved on to further education, and whether potential challenges exist to gain/maintain employment.
  • Respondents have the option of completing the survey online or by telephone. The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.
  • Participant responses to the follow-up survey are used to identify opportunities to adapt educational/employment training programs, services, and supports to meet the needs of Saskatchewan’s labour market.
  • Client consent to participate in follow-up research is given at the time of registration. Limited client information is shared with Insightrix Research Inc. and they will not use this client information, in any form, for any purpose outside of this research.
  • Upon the expiration of the agreement between Insightrix Research Inc. and the Ministry, all electronic records related to the follow-up research are permanently removed from Insightrix’s electronic systems.
  • If you or a client have questions about the survey, please contact Jameel Rashid, Senior Policy Analyst, Planning, Reporting and Accountability, Ministry of Immigration and Career Training at jameel.rashid2@gov.sk.ca or 306-787-6983.

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