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IT Update

May 5, 2015

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By Gareth Griffiths


IT Support System

In March 2015, 61 new Work Orders were received into Track-IT. Of these, 56 are now closed (91% completion rate). Overall, we closed 47 Work Orders during the month. There are currently 26 open Work Orders. Don’t forget to email for any IT-related questions. In the event that an email cannot be sent for any reason, you can also call any member of the IT Team, who will log the support Work Order for you.


Emails to the Support System

Just a quick reminder that any replies sent to are automatically deleted. The system automatically looks for the re: at the beginning and rejects it. Also forwarded emails will create a new Work Order, rather than updating the previous one. Please refer to the links at the bottom of the emails received to request status updates, or to add information to an open Work Order.


Social Media – New Facebook Page

We have just launched a new Facebook Page for the GDI Libraries. The location is here: In its first month of operation, we are already over 50 likes. This will be used to announce library specific information such as resource information, changes to opening hours, etc.


Scholarships Update

May 1st is the application deadline for GDI scholarships. Please ensure anyone that wants to apply is aware of this. Some things to consider in the application process: 1) Ensure all files are less than 5MB in size; 2) Valid file types are jpg, pdf, png, gif, doc, docx, txt, rtf, odf. Any other file type will cause an error; 3) we have experienced a few issues recently with a 500 page essay. We are working on this, but if a ‘404 error’ is displayed, press the back button, attach the files to upload again and just type ‘Will send separately’ in the essay field (don’t forget to send the essay to Any problems should be forwarded to the scholarship or support addresses and we will resolve them.



Just a quick reminder to be vigilant on all emails received. Please be wary of emails asking for account or password information (phishing attacks). Some of the recent ones received include mailbox storage limit warnings and a Payment Advice Notice.


A couple of tips to identify a phishing email.

  • Look at the From email address. Usually has no reference to the organization it is supposed to be from. For example, if the address was and it really was from RBC, the chances are the email would be … or
  • If there is a link in the email, hover over it, and look at the address it is sending you to. Again this usually bears no relation to the company it is supposed to be to.


If you suspect any email to contain a phishing attack or a virus, don’t follow any of the links or reply to it. The safest option is to delete it. You are always welcome to contact IT for advice on how to deal with any suspicious emails received. Just to reinforce this. No reputable company will ask for confidential information such as passwords by email.


Closing Thoughts

Beethoven used the # in front of everything way before Twitter was around #sharpnothashtag.

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