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Math Preparation Course a Success

Jul 6, 2018

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By Lisa Lenkart

Many students who interview for the Dumont Technical Institute Adult Basic Education (ABE) Level 4 program in Regina expressed concerns about how they would perform in their math courses. For students starting in first term, the Math Bridging course assists greatly with the transition and provides a solid foundation for the Math Foundations course in the second term. However, many students begin their program in the second term and do not have the benefit of this course.

To address this gap, Darlene Deschambault, full-time instructor for the program, piloted a math preparation course. The course was delivered at evening classes that ran twice a week in December and January and had a positive impact on student achievement in Math Foundations 30. The class average for semester 2 starters increased from 66 percent in 2017 to 76 percent in 2018. These students also experienced a more comfortable transition into second semester and were able to keep up with the pace of course delivery. The entire transition to second semester went more smoothly. Students were already attending regularly and becoming familiar with each other and the expectations of the program. Darlene also invited other students who are currently enrolled in ABE to attend in the evenings if they needed more time to work on math. This allowed the students to meet each other and boosted the confidence of those who began in September, as they were now able to assist those starting out. The time spent in planning and running this course brought more success than anticipated and current plans are to offer it again next year.

The goal for the course aligned with a portion of Dumont Technical Institute’s strategy to “maximize effectiveness in terms of outcomes” (Business Plan 2016-2019, p.14).

Adult Basic Education Level 4 students in Regina
Photo by Lisa Lenkart

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