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Order of Gabriel Dumont – Recipients

The Order of Gabriel Dumont is awarded by the Gabriel Dumont Institute to a small number of persons who have served the Métis of Canada with distinction.

The Order of Gabriel Dumont Gold Medal recognizes those who have distinguished themselves with outstanding service to the Métis, usually based on lifetime achievements and service.

The Order of Gabriel Dumont Silver Medal honours those who have made a significant contribution to the Métis.

As part of its 30th anniversary celebration in 2010, the institute introduced the Order of Gabriel Dumont Bronze Medal award. This award honours GDI students who have distinguished themselves through their perseverance, community involvement, and overall student performance.

The award is presented in the form of a medallion and a certificate signed by the officers of the institute over the seal, which enrolls the recipient in the order.


In the past, the Order has been presented at the time of the institute’s annual meeting.

Previous recipients include author and educator Maria Campbell; local historian and farmer R. James Larocque; war veteran and community worker Vital Morin; Roger Carter, former emeritus dean of the University of Saskatchewan law school; Ethel Blondin, Member of Parliament for the Western Arctic; and Clovis Regnier, an early political organizer of the Métis.

List of recipients:


Clarence Campeau

Guy Bouvier



Rose Fleury

Elie Fleury

Sheila Pocha



Jennifer Altenberg (SUNTEP Saskatoon)

Tracy Arcand (DTI)

Jennifer Brown (SUNTEP Prince Albert)

Kaitlin Fendelet (GDI T&E)

Arrick Forsythe (DTI)

Helena Goulet (DTI)

Bruce Janvier (DTI)

Candace Janvier (GDI T&E)

Josh Lafontaine (GDI T&E)

Jacqueline Lavallee (SUNTEP Saskatoon)

Theresa Malboeuf (DTI)

Jenel Markwart (SUNTEP Regina)

Gerald Nabess (GDI T&E)

Mike Palmer (DTI)

Jason Phillips (GDI T&E)

Martine Smith (GDI T&E)

Teresa Thrun (SUNTEP Regina)

Holly Wiberg (SUNTEP Prince Albert)


Mary St. Pierre

Louis Morin

Rod Bishop

Harry Daniels



Ron Rivard

Alex Maurice


Maria Campbell

R James LaRocque

Vital Morin

Clovis Regnier

Edward King

Ethel Blondin

Elijah Harper

Louis Morin

Grace Hatfield

Companion (SILVER)

Leonard Pambrun

John McKay

Theresa Stevenson

Dr. Roger Carter

Walter Currie

Keith Goulet

Medric McDougall

Leonard Morin

Jim Sinclair

Agnes Stanley

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