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GDI Publishing strives to produce Michif resources for the community and schools. To this end, we have worked with numerous Michif speakers, language translators, and validators. We also continue to identify and interview Michif speakers. As well, we have produced many Michif-based resources.

The Virtual Museum of Metis History and Culture has a large amount of Michif content, including oral histories in three Michif languages – Northern Saskatchewan Michif, Michif-Cree, and Michif-French – as well as articles and a detailed bibliography. The Virtual Museum also includes a Michif dictionary and phrase primer, which contains over 11,500 words and 500 phrases, translated and narrated by Michif language expert Norman Fleury. This resource is also available as an Android application.

Nearly all of GDI Publishing’s children’s books* are available in a Michif language, and many include an audio component. The Michif versions of the Alfred Reading Series – a collection of five children’s books also written in English, Cree, and French – have been turned into narrated online books.

• Taanishi Books Early Readers Series (27 books in Michif/English)
• Road Allowance Kitten
• My First Métis Lobstick
• Manny’s Memories
• Roogaroo Mickey
• The Diamond Willow Walking Stick
• The Beavers’ Big House
• Call of the Fiddle
• Relatives with Roots
• Dancing in My Bones
• The Flower Beadwork People
• The Giving Tree
• The Métis Alphabet Book
• Fiddle Dancer
• Better that Way
• The Story of the Rabbit Dance

For more information about Michif resources, see what’s available in the store, or contact the publishing department.

For a comprehensive listing of GDI’s Michif content, check out this page: Gabriel Dumont Institute Michif Languages Resource List

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