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GDI Publishing maintains two of the most comprehensive collections of Metis-specific resources online: The Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture, and the Back to Batoche Interactive Website.

Released in 2003, The Virtual Museum of Metis History and Culture is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Métis history and culture. The website contains more than 11,000 documents, including oral histories, essays, learning resources, photographs, videos, and audio. The Virtual Museum ensures that the Métis have a user-friendly, free, and accessible medium to tell their stories.

The Back to Batoche Interactive Website highlights the role of Batoche in the formation of Métis identity. Fully bilingual, the website brings to life the Métis settlement of Batoche and the 1885 Resistance through interactive games and activities, as well as photos, videos, educational text, and more. This website was funded by The Virtual Museum of Canada.

Artifact Repatriation Program

To ensure the repatriation, preservation, and promotion of traditional Métis art forms, GDI has developed one of the largest Métis artifact collections held by a Métis organization.

This collection of artifacts, which includes numerous fine examples of Métis artistic expression and historical items, can be viewed at our Saskatoon location by pre-arranging a visit through our order desk. The world’s largest collection of art by Métis artist Christi Belcourt, the Dennis and Jean Fisher Collection (about Batoche and the 1885 Resistance), and the Olive Dickason Collection, can also be viewed at this location.

A large portion of these collections can also be viewed online at The Virtual Museum of Metis History and Culture.

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