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The New Nation: La noovel naasyoon magazine

The New Nation: La noovel naasyoon magazine is a GDI publication promoting Métis history and culture, the Institute’s programs and successes, and showcasing good news stories of Métis across the province. The magazine will be available for free online and in a limited print version.

Housed on the Virtual Museum for Métis History and Culture, the magazine will co-exist alongside back issues of New Nation and New Breed magazines, dating back to 1970. This print documentation of Saskatchewan Métis history forms an invaluable resource and a wonderful collection on which to reflect.

We thank you for your support for the Institute and hope you enjoy The New Nation: La noovel naasyoon.

Links to the most recent published editions are available here..

Published Editions:

Métis Governance in Saskatchewan – A Grade 4 Teacher’s Guide

This learning resource is made for students in Grade 4 and it is correlated to the outcomes and indicators in the provincial curriculum. It can be adapted to higher grade levels if desired.  The young, future leaders of the Métis Nation–Saskatchewan can gain an early understanding of the concept of governance and of how our Nation is governed while being part of larger communities, the province, and Canada.

All students in Saskatchewan can benefit from knowing about Métis governance as their futures are inextricably linked with ours.

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