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The Order of Gabriel Dumont is awarded by the Gabriel Dumont Institute to a small number of persons who have served the Métis of Canada with distinction. Recipients of the Order of Gabriel Dumont need not be Métis.

The silver awards honour those who have made a significant contribution to the Métis. The gold awards recognize those who have distinguished themselves with outstanding service to the Métis. In past practice the gold medal has been awarded based on lifetime achievements and service.The Order is presented in the form of a medal (sterling silver or gold) and a certificate signed by the Officers of the Institute which enrolls the recipient in the Order.

Nominations for The Order of Gabriel Dumont are currently closed. When nominations open they will be announced on the home page of the website, through social media (like GDI on Facebook), and nomination forms will be available on this page. Please check back in the future.


For Further information about the Order of Gabriel Dumont and a list of recipients, please visit this page


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