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Métis Youth Excelling in Sports

Aug 10, 2014

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Tristan Moran is the grandson of DTI Senior Program Coordinator Claudette Moran. The 16 year old member of the Prince Albert Timberland Bowbenders Archery Club has been making waves across Canada and beyond as an archery child prodigy.

Before he turned 12, Tristan already had a trophy collection of achievements that included five national gold medals, three national silver and two bronze medals, as well as a top five finish at the World Archery Tournament in Las Vegas. By the time he was 14, Tristan, who competes in the compound bow discipline, had set 19 Canadian records in archery.

At this month’s 2014 Canadian National Archery Championships in Lac La Biche, Alberta that took place from August 1-10, Tristan broke the 70-metre championship record, won gold in the target championships, bronze in the field championship and is ranked first in the Open Master’s Cadet Challenge.

Claudette says that Tristan has been shooting ever since his dad Stacey – who is also his coach – bought him his first bow when he was five years old. To date, he has attended five national championships and broken 23 Canadian records. The proud Grandma says that Tristan will be trying out for Team Canada for the 2015 Youth Commonwealth Games in Samoa.

Tristan’s Prince Albert Timberland Bowbenders teammates have also achieved commendable success. Lindsay Cannon, for example, hold seven Canadian records while Landyn Vandale won gold medal at the Lac La Biche tournament. For more information, please visit http://www.saskarchery.com or http://www.timberlandbowbenders.ca.

There are many milestones and successes that we all experience within and outside work including those by GDI employee families. We encourage all readers to submit stories/articles to Lisa.wilson@gdi.gdins.org or james.oloo@gdite.gdins.org.


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