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MN–S Announces Métis First Time Home Buyers’ Program

Oct 23, 2019

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On July 19, 2019, the Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN–S) President Glen McCallum and Housing Minister Derek Langan announced a new program to promote home ownership among Métis. Citizens who qualify will be able to access up to $15,000 towards a down payment for their first home, and up to $2,500 for closing costs.


The Métis First Time Home Buyers’ Program is a partnership between the MN–S and the Government of Canada. It can be of benefit to Institute employees and graduates. More information is available at https://metisnationsk.com/2019/0 7/19/press-release-mn-s-smedco-first-time-home-buyers-program-mou-ile-a-la-crosse/.

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