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Mr. Ray Field, The Mathematics Road Warrior

Aug 10, 2018

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By Daniel A. Downs

As it is the midst of summer, many Gabriel Dumont Institute employees are taking some well-deserved and long-overdue vacation time. Many return to work and post on social media stories of their adventures cross-country, time spent with family in distant communities, and the inevitable horror stories of bad hotels and unsavoury rest stop washrooms.

These stories are a good reminder (favourable or not) of the adventures one takes in life not only to reach the destination, but the destination itself. While listening to a colleague’s vacation adventures earlier in the month, I was reminded of a well-travelled and still relatively unknown employee that Dumont Technical Institute has kept in its pocket for nearly two decades now. This individual is arguably one of the most travelled persons within the Gabriel Dumont Institute family, having worked for Dumont Technical Institute in nearly every community that Dumont Technical Institute has provided service in over the last 20 years.

When a community is told that Mr. Ray Field will be travelling to their area to provide a whirlwind tour of very unique and inspirational mathematics instruction, the common question is “Who is this Ray guy?” This is the same question that even many seasoned Gabriel Dumont Institute employees ask when they are informed that Ray Field will be providing work on mathematics in their communities. Who is this Ray Guy?

The answer I give them is very simple. Ray Field is the Mathematics Road Warrior of Dumont Technical Institute. He travels anywhere and everywhere spreading his own unique style and love of mathematics to nearly all of Dumont Technical Institute’s programs (be it Adult Basic Education or Skills training). Being a provincial training institute, one would expect that several Dumont Technical Institute staff are racking-up highway miles and discovering the best Poutine and Zinger Wing spots through the province… but very few to the extent and with as much longevity as Ray.

So as Gabriel Dumont Institute staff continue to log miles on some of Saskatchewan’s better and lesser travelled roads this summer, remember Ray Field who has been hitting the highways for Dumont Technical Institute for nearly two decades now. Most of his roads have been far less travelled, and I don’t think he would have it any other way.

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