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New Acting Executive Director

Brett Vandale temporarily steps into the Executive Director role while Lisa Bird-Wilson takes a one-year sabbatical.

Sep 5, 2023

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The Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) Board of Governors has appointed Brett Vandale as the Institute’s Acting Executive Director for a one-year term effective September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024. Lisa Bird-Wilson, the Institute’s Executive Director, will begin a one-year leave starting September. The GDI Board is supportive of Lisa’s leave and confident in Brett’s abilities to lead the work of the Institute.

Brett is a long-serving employee at GDI, with almost 25 years of experience in various roles. He held the position of Director of Dumont Technical Institute for 19 years and currently is the Director of GDI University Programs. Brett and the GDI leadership team are well positioned to continue the important work of the Institute. In the interim, all inquiries regarding GDI university programs can be directed to Chantelle Julé. This role will be managed by Chantelle until August 31, 2024. Upon Lisa’s return, Brett and Chantelle will revert to their original positions.


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