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Newspaper and Magazines on your Desktop

By GDI Library Staff

May 6, 2021

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Did you know that even if it’s inconvenient for you to use one of the three GDI Library locations in Prince Albert, Regina, or Saskatoon, you can still access library resources at your desk, in your classroom, or from your home office? Through participation in the Saskatchewan Electronic Resources Partnership (through which post-secondary, public, and special libraries in Saskatchewan pool funds to purchase access to licensed digital content) and by leveraging the capabilities of our library management software, GDI Libraries are able to provide Institute staff, students, and clients with access to a wide variety of electronic content. This month, we’ll introduce you to PressReader.

PressReader is an online platform that offers access to recent issues of more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines in 60 languages from 120 countries around the world. Publications can be browsed in full-colour, full-page format, almost as if you were holding the print copy in your hands. While the lack of retrospective coverage limits PressReader’s usefulness as a source for older news, it’s a great tool if you just want to keep up with the very latest issues of your favourite newspapers and popular magazines.

To retrieve content from this database from the office or while connected to an Institute VPN from home, search on “PressReader” (all one word) in Quick Find (the library catalogue) and then simply click through to view the digitized content in the PressReader interface.

If you’re trying to access this content from home without benefit of a VPN, you’ll have to authenticate with your GDI library card – please contact staff to apply for a card if you haven’t already got one, or if you have questions or difficulty accessing PressReader or any of the licensed digital content available through the GDI Libraries’ catalogue. Happy browsing!

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