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Office Admin Program Fosters Inclusion, Collegiality

Jan 15, 2016

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By Tracy LaPrise

Next time you are in the Gabriel Dumont Institute Building on 1003 22 Avenue in Saskatoon please take a visit into the basement and say hello to the Office Administration Program. Lindsay Blair and Dr. Elizabeth Majocha are the instructors in this 10 month program which has been brokered through the Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

The program is being offered by the Dumont Technical Institute in a block system, so the learning is fast and the work is intense. Currently, there are 12 students in the program and they are enjoying the classes and looking forward to their practicum placement in June. The current challenge is meeting the required typing words per minute of 45 with no more than three mistakes. This is a big accomplishment and our fastest time has been 55 words per minute with two mistakes!

The class is like a community of learners. It has a supportive, encouraging, and friendly environment. When one of the students recently had a baby three  weeks after she started the program, the students worked together to help her get caught up and helped when the baby would join the class.

Each student would be a great asset to any company looking for fill an office administration position. We are currently securing practicum placements with the goal that the students will be hired as fulltime employees after practicum is completed.

The program will be offered again in September 2016. A call for application for admission   will be posted online at the Institute website,, in early 2016.

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