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Order of Gabriel Dumont Medals to be Awarded Annually

By Lisa Bird-Wilson

Sep 4, 2020

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In July 2020, the GDI Board of Governors passed a motion to accept nominations for the Order of Gabriel Dumont medals on an annual basis. Offering this prestigious award annually has the potential to raise the positive profile of the Institute, recognize important and influential community members, and create a critical mass of recipients and supporters of the Institute. The medals will be awarded annually in all three categories, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The Order of Gabriel Dumont Silver and Gold award recipients are selected by a Selection Committee appointed by the GDI Board of Governors. Anyone can nominate a person for an Order of Gabriel Dumont award. The Order of Gabriel Dumont Bronze student awards are nominated and selected by internal processes specific to the programs. Over the Institute’s 40-year history, 73 people have received the Order of Gabriel Dumont, 35 of those in the Gold and Silver categories. Recipients of the Gold and Silver Order of Gabriel Dumont medals are as follows:


Dr. Roger Carter
Walter Currie
Keith Goulet
Medric McDougall
Leonard Morin
Jim Sinclair
Agnes Stanley
Edward King
Ethel Blondin
Elijah Harper
Louis Morin
Grace Hatfield
Maria Campbell
James LaRocque
Vital Morin
Clovis Regnier
Rod Bishop
Mary St. Pierre
Harry Daniels (posthumous)
Louis Morin
Clarence Campeau (posthumous)
Guy Bouvier
Jean Baptiste (John) Arcand
Lawrence J. Barkwell (posthumous)
Clément Chartier 

Leonard Pambrun
John McKay
Theresa Stevenson
Ron Rivard
Alex Maurice
Rose Fleury
Sheila Pocha
Eli Fleury
Glenn Lafleur
Norma Welsh

Nominations for 2021 Order of Gabriel Dumont awards are now open and will close October 31, 2020. Please visit www.gdins.org for more information.

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