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Pivotal Moments: Staff Making a Difference

Nov 8, 2018

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James Oloo

This month, Dumont Technical Institute Regina participated in the community Bulk Surplus Day. Darcie DeBruyne, the Institute’s Program Support Facilitator in Regina, has been working closely with the Regina Food Bank and was able to add Dumont Technical Institute to the Food Bank’s Bulk Surplus list.

What that means is, when the Regina Food Bank has a surplus inventory, they send notification to organizations on their bulk surplus list. This month, thanks to the generosity of individuals and businesses in Regina, the Food Bank issued notification for bulk pick up twice.

Darcie drove to the Regina Food Bank, and as she put it, “I load up as much as I can into my vehicle, and bring it back to the school, then ‘Team DTI’ (available instructors) fly into action. They sort, divide and make up care packages for students who are present that day. We are very grateful to the Regina Food Bank and the amazing team effort that goes into it, to be able to have this for the Regina students.”

Darcie is always looking for ways to make life a little bit easier for students at Dumont Technical Institute Regina. She previously spearheaded a partnership with the City of Regina when she realized that some of our students and clients had difficulty accessing transportation around the city. As a result of Darcie’s efforts, the City of Regina allocated 640 two-ride adult passes worth over $4,000 to Dumont Technical Institute over the past two years.

The dedication and compassion of our committed staff goes a long way towards providing Gabriel Dumont Institute students and clients an excellent education and the supports they need to succeed. Thank you Darcie and the entire Institute staff for what you do.

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