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Positive Outlook for Pinehouse Lake, Sask

Dec 16, 2016

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By Nancy Misponas, Christy Rediron, and Ashley Natomagan

This article is about our community of Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan and the positive things that are happening in our wonderful town. There are many great programs that are running, and we also have Reclaiming Our Community (ROC) meetings, Elders gathering, and have recently completed the construction of the arena that includes an ice rink. The work on the Elders’ Complex is on-going.

The mayor and council knew there was a need for programs in Pinehouse Lake. So they asked the citizens what kind of programs they would want in the community, then they started writing letters for funding to get the programs going. The results have been impressive. The programs started so far include the Recovery Lake, training and education programs such as Adult Basic Education, Essential skills, Carpentry, and Industrial Mechanics. The citizens that completed the programs got employment with the Pinehouse Business North and some are working at the Elder’s Complex.

The community leaders and organizations also have ROC meetings once a month and prevention meeting every Monday. We discuss the issues that are of importance to our community, and try to make things better for everyone. The community has identified challenges and opportunities in Pinehouse Lake and together we continue to identify ways to make our community a safe place to live, work, study, and raise families. We are also planning on getting a youth centre so the youth can have a place to hangout and give them something to do. It took years and planning to build an arena; back in the days we used to have a homemade rink. In the year 2007, they had started on the arena; it took a long time but eventually got it done. As of now our arena is done, we have artificial ice. Our radio station has been moved into the arena, we also have a big fitness room in there.

The Elder’s Complex is being built by local carpenters. When completed, it will provide space where the Elders can meet with young people. As well, the Elders in our community often get to travel away to perform their duties where needed. Being out of town can make them lonely and away from family. The new complex is therefore long overdue.

Over the past six years, the Pinehouse Lake community has been holding annual Elders Gathering event in June. Many elders from different communities come down and enjoy all the activities. It is such a beautiful thing to see all these people come to our community and enjoy stories, traditional food, and entertainment.

The leaders do not give up on their work because they do not want to see our community go down a rough path. Thanks to all the organizations that contributed to these programs and also to the mayor and council that did not quit on the citizens.

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