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Jacelyn Wingerter

Métis Nation University Scholarship Recipiant
Program: Métis Nation University
Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

“The MNU program allowed me the privilege of not having to stress about how I was going to pay for my tuition while going to school full time.”

Individual Sponorship Program - Denturist Technology Diploma Graduate

Jacelyn Wingerter graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree through a Saskatchewan Collaborative program between the University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic in December 2021.

With much determination and the help of the Métis Nation University Sponsorship (MNU) program, Jacelyn fast-tracked to finish her degree in three and a half years instead of four. “The MNU program allowed me the privilege of not having to stress about how I was going to pay for my tuition while going to school full time. It allowed me to cut back on working during my semesters and focus on my studies and be successful in my classes,” said Jacelyn.

After passing the NCLEX exam on the first try, Jacelyn became a Registered Nurse. Shortly after, she accepted her dream job as a nurse at the Royal University Hospital (RUH) Adult Emergency Department. “The RUH ER is a very busy and fast-paced critical care setting, and my role as a nurse changes with every single patient I care for. I love every minute of my job, even when things get tough, and patients are acutely ill. Nursing is truly my passion and calling in life,” explained Jacelyn. Her future goals in the industry are to become a flight nurse with Saskatchewan Air Ambulance or STARS once she has gained enough experience at the RUH ER.

Jacelyn is a proud Métis woman and believes it is very important for there to be programs and organizations like the Gabriel Dumont Institute that support Indigenous students in accessing secondary education. Her advice to future Métis students is, “Never give up! You are capable of achieving your goal if you truly set your mind to it. The only thing that got me through my degree was staying dedicated and never giving up. I always had my mind set on my end goal of becoming a Registered Nurse,” stated Jacelyn.

The MNU program aims to assist Métis students to close the education gap by attending accredited university-level programming. This program is funded by the Métis Nation—Saskatchewan (MN—S) and is administered by the Gabriel Dumont Institute.

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