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Jasmine Pennington

GDI Training & Employment Client
Program: Individual Sponsorship Program
Education: Health Information Management, CHA Learning

“I think it is extremely important to have a Métis organization like the Gabriel Dumont Institute to help Métis people. It is organizations like this that help people follow their passions and greatly aid in successfully doing so.”

Individual Sponsorship Program - Health Information Management Diploma Graduate

Meet Jasmine Pennington, a new mom, recent graduate, and Métis healthcare worker. In April 2023, she completed an online two-year college diploma in Health Information Management through CHA Learning, a division of Healthcare Can. Jasmine is interested in data management and curious about how data is managed in healthcare. Her path to success was rocky, but her patience and dedication, combined with “a good amount of encouragement from my counsellor, Gerry” helped her to succeed. 

Jasmine worked hard in her studies, but after her first year, she said, “I was struggling to find financial assistance to complete my course.” Her cousin suggested she apply to Ruppertsland Institute in Alberta for support. Jasmine is a citizen of the Métis Nation of Alberta, but she is living and working in Saskatchewan. So, Ruppertsland referred her to the Gabriel Dumont Institute for the financial assistance and support she needed to complete her diploma.  

Jasmine is looking forward to starting with the Saskatchewan Health Authority in October 2024 as a Health Information Management Practitioner as soon as she completes her maternity leave! She is especially looking forward to the technical challenges of her job coding and data analysis. She understands that the data she analyzes helps the Canadian Institute for Health Information to form statistical reports that determine where funding is allocated in the healthcare system. Jasmine is excited to be part of the SHA team, and she hopes to one day become a manager in the health authority and help mentor others interested in Health Information. Jasmine says, “My advice to any future client is to find something you are passionate about and to do the best you can. If you’re passionate, you will find a way.”   

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